Below are the things we look for and consider to perform a free barn removal.

Barn location: closest to us here in Fenton, MI 48418, or a preferred professional.

Size excluding foundation: Not so tall we cannot reach the top.

Foundation height: Shorter foundations.

Age of barn: We are looking for older barns with hand-hewn beams and wide plank siding.

Structural condition: Safe enough to dismantle without falling and the less rot the better.

Structural framing: Hand hewn beams preferred.

Structural framing species: Oak or white pine preferred.

Shingle material: One layer corrugated tin preferred.

Siding material: Wide plank square edge preferred.

Siding color: Weathered gray preferred.

Silos: Sometimes we can burn inside the silos. Other times they are just in the way.

Burning allowed: Hopefully allowed or we have to leave the pile or charge to haul off.

Township: Rural townships are more lenient.

Electricity available: We need electricity unhooked from the barn but close enough to use.

Terrain around barn: Flat with no obstacles preferred.

Large bundle area: The more space the better.

Semi access: Possible a semi truck will need to access the site.

Additional details: All these items including supply and demand are taken into consideration when determining whether a specific barn can be dismantled for free. Each barn is unique and may have special circumstances that make it of value to us. So please fill out a request so we may consider your barn for removal.

Unfortunately, some of the responses we get do not meet enough requirements for our free barn removal program. If you must have your barn removed and are going to pay a demolition company, please consider letting us bid on the removal and still save you some money and so we may save much of the material from going to the landfill.