Authentic Barnwood Flooring

True authentic barn wood flooring has a very strong unique distressing that can only be acquired by taking the abuse of years of manual labor from farming tools and under the feet of workers and farm animals alike. Bring this warm comfortable feel into your home with an authentic vintage barn-wood floor to enjoy many more years of foot traffic that will only gain character with use. 

1x11.5 Tongue & Groove Pine Loft Flooring 
We got 235 square feet of this beautiful batch of nicely distressed tongue and groove loft flooring out of a old carriage house so no live stock or wagons on involved. Just the right amount of distressing. Great for a game room or man cave. Not a reproduction this is true vintage loft floor with light foot traffic distressing. Since they are all the same width you should not have too much waste with this batch.
Cleaned and dried ready for install.
$5.50 a square foot for the lot.
That is $1297 for 235 sq.ft.
2x7 Tongue & Groove Threshing Boards 
These are from the main floor of the barn and 1.5" thick to support the horses and hay wagons during harvest season. This structural flooring has a lot of distressed character from years of farm work. This is very beautiful flooring full of the character you are looking for.
Cleaned and dried.