Circle Sawn Dimensional Lumber

We have recently pickup a bunch of nice circle sawn new growth wood. So it looks rustic but with no pockets or other defects. Some of the beams have some discolorations but most of these are real straight for being hardwood. Most of the hardwood we reclaim out of old barns tend to not be very straight so very happy with this bunch of mostly maple and beech but also some nice oak and walnut. Most of this material is a little over 10'.

3"x 8" to 11.5"x16' Red Oak 
Have 1 at 11.5", one at 11", one at 10.5", one at 9.5", and 3 at 8" roughly. The wider ones will make great solid wood stair trends that we get calls for often and never have. We will be selling those for $12 a board foot for full length planks only. $9 a board foot for the 8". These probably need to be planned down and straight lined to get rid of the sticker shadows and other surface stains but the front edge has a real rustic look I think most will want to keep. 
These are stored at our 8440 Bennett Lake location so be sure to let us know this is what you are looking for.





 1x8x8' Circle Sawn, Skim Planned, Kiln Dried Hickory
Acquired this beautiful batch of 1"x8"x8' circle sawn skim planned kiln dried new growth Hickory. We have a substantial quantity so should have it in stock for a long time unless a regular furniture maker decides to buy a bunk. A steal for Hickory at $7 a board foot when all needed is some sanding and finish to make some glorious tables.
$37.33 each
Large Circle Sawn Beams 
An assortment of bigger circle sawn beams in maple and beech. There a 3 nice matching beech beams that are 7"x9"x10'3" to 10'6". Then a big 9"x10"x10'3" maple with some nice mineral streaks and a smaller 7"x7.5"x10'6". Any of these will make a nice big mantel if that is your need.
$310 to $460 each



Small Circle Sawn Beams 
An assortment of smaller circle sawn beams in maple, beech, and red oak. Everyone is a different size  from 4x4, 4x5, 4x6, 5x5, 5x6.There  is a couple in here that match in size and species but otherwise we will sell as singles too.
$70 to $170 each



Circle Sawn Mantel Options
Okay these are going to sell quick due to the desirable sizes and quality for hardwood maple mantels. 4x9, 5x9, and 5x7 all floating over 10' so corbels can be gotten out of the extra length. The price will reflect the desirability.
$450 to $500 with a couple over and under.



6x8 Circle Sawn Mantels 
Have 3 nice 6x8 mantel beams over 8'8". One oak, one maple, and one beech so pick your color and character.
$518 to $560



Circle Sawn Walnut Planks 
Some real nice circle sawn 1x9.5" walnut planks over 11'. The color in these is very pretty or you can plan them down to see the pretty grain better. We only have these 5.
Around $105 each



Misc Small Walnut Planks 
We have a small amount of planned and circle sawn walnut planks from 6" to 7" wide by 8' to 11' long. Call for specific sizes.
$12 a board foot so that is $6 a running foot if 6" wide.



Walnut Shelf and Mantel 
A very beautiful 3x8x10' circle sawn black walnut mantel or a 2x10x10' planned black walnut shelf. These will sell fast. We have a few other pictures or set up a time to come see these before someone else does. 
$250 for the shelf.
$400 for the mantel piece.