Old Barn Door Hardware

Old rusty barn door hardware, hinges, handles, track and rollers. We have more hinges than are listed here so for many of the hinge sets we can add a stray hinge to make a 3 hinge set. Mounting screws are not included unless shown in the picture. You can give us a call and we will see what we can come up with at that time.

Here we have some of the authentic antique barn hardware that we have for sale listed below.


Louden Company Double Tread Barn Door Roller Set
Very rare and ornate this is a very early barn door roller set. Made by the famous Louden Company that invented and produced hay trolley monorail systems and other early farm equipment. From the left of the picture we show they could attach a board to the top of the brackets to protect the door and rollers from the weather. Comes with 6' of track. We do have more track that could be fastened together with scrap metal to make it longer. Door must be 2" thick for original bolts to work.
Patent Oct 5 97 & July 2 1902. That's 1897!
Item # louden1
Price $125.00



Rusty Drip Cap Track and Heavy Duty Roller Set
This is the most commonly used barn door track and roller set for the big barn doors. The two piece drip track was used to keep the rollers and the barn door opening out of the weather, and to keep the rain from running down the unpainted back side of the barn door. Heavy duty rollers and U shaped mounting plates. We have several sets of these at 8' long that lip together for longer lengths. Call for quantities.
Item # bdhrdcthdrs005
Price $75.00

Temporarily Out Of Stock


Standard Duty Drip Cap Track and Roller Set
Standard 8' two piece drip track most used to keep the rollers and back of barn doors out of the weather. Standard duty rollers and mounting plates. This one comes with the flush mount bolts.
Item # bdhsddctrs004
Price $75.00



Hook & Strap Hinge Set #35
We have 2 sets of very unique large handmade barn door strap hinges. These are very heavy duty at 5/16" thick, 2.1/4" wide, and 3' long. We have the original mounting nuts and bolts but they vary for a 2.5" thick door to 3" thick. Otherwise they may be too rusty to use at a different thickness but the nuts will still work if the tip of new bolts are rusted or touched up. Out of all the barns this is the first time we have come across such a nice large set as these. Contact us to combine shipping on orders of more than one set.
Item # hinge35
Price $50.00 a set