Live Edge and Slab Wood

We are now stocking a great selection of live edge slab wood at great prices. Urban live edge and slab wood is great for bar tops, kitchen and island counters, benches, head boards, coffee tables, dining tables, conference tables, and much more. We stock it in black walnut, cherry, maple, elm, pine, and many other local species in thicknesses from 3/4" to 2" in all types of widths. Each slab is planed, kiln dried, and graded for price. There are many with very unique features and grain so set up a time to come and see what we have or we can check stock and pricing for your project needs. If we don't have it we will do our best to get it quickly.


Live Edge Slab Wood Stock
$5 to $16 a board foot for most in stock slabs depending on size, species, and quality.


Black Walnut
Will run from $12 a board foot to $21 for custom orders.


Cherry Slabs
You can smell the cherry when you walk in the room. This wood will age to a darker burgundy color.
$8 to $12 a board foot but wider slabs will be more. Harder to get big cherry trees. 


Wide Maple Slabs
Prices mark on each piece. Great for island counters, bar and desk tops, and conference tables.
Running about $6 to $9 a board foot. 
Spalted Maple Slabs
Run about $12 to $15 a board foot but higher if thicker. 


Elm and Honey Locust Slabs
Elm has a under appreciated beautiful grain pattern to it.
Prices will be real reasonable on this stock.
Also running about $6 to $9 a board foot. 
Red Oak Slabs
Runs about $8 to $12 a board foot. 


Knotty White Pine
This material will go will a lot of our reclaimed pine at around the same price.
Usually runs $5 to $7 a board foot depending on size, character and quality.
Eastern Red Cedar
This material is very desirable and goes for a higher price.
Usually runs $12 to $17 a board foot depending on size, character and quality.


Assorted Short Slabs
We have a lot of short unique pieces for that one of a kind small table, coat rack, or many other one of a kind projects
This material is generally real reasonably price unless extra unique.